“Experience the hope of a fortunate few in a setting like this”

- Ed Bradley, during an Emmy award-winning segment of the television program 60 Minutes.






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new_facMental Health Recovery and Rehabilitation Services for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Populations

A special program in consideration of the Mental Health Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individual Bill of Rights Act.


The ASC treatment group as long held that all individuals, regardless of circumstance or disability, deserve every agency's best effort. Long a leader in the development of innovation and service – we provide highly individualized residential services, in a community setting, on a 24 hours a day, seven days a week basis.


In keeping with this mission we have recognized that interest in mental health specialty services for hearing impaired persons has


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Welcome to the Anne Sippi Clinic


For more than 30 years ASC has provided innovative solutions to the challenges faced by persons suffering from major mental illnesses. Our recovery oriented mental health facilities create dynamic living environments which are at the forefront of the recovery movement. Through individualized services our residents have been successful in their efforts toward community reintegration.

ASC provides:


  • Intensive multimodal residential services in Los Angeles and Bakersfield.
  • Intensive outpatient services.
  • Recovery oriented peer support programming.
  • Treatment systems incorporating innovative and effective “evidence-based best practices”.
  • Work oriented programs.


The ASC staff is made up of dedicated mental health professionals who have a long history assisting individuals who have overcome the impact that mental challenges had on their lives, they can:


  • Share their wisdom, knowledge and experience in recovery.
  • Make each client aware of choices they have and assist in implementing in their own personal plan of recovery.
  • Link clients to resources beyond the mental health system.
  • Help participants to master the skills necessary to recover.
  • Provide comfort and support along the journey.


The ASC-Mental Health Recovery and Peer Support Experience. Upon admission to our facilities each client is encouraged and supported with the following mission:


  • You can recover.
  • Recovery is a journey or a process, not a destination or a cure! The goal of recovery is to move away from defining yourself by the labels given to you by an illness or the symptoms you may experience. Recovery is about rebuilding a sense of self you are happy with and that allows you to establish meaningful life roles.
  • What is Mental Health Recovery? We define mental health recovery as the "individual process of overcoming the negative impact of a psychiatric disability despite its continued presence". More simply said, recovery is the process by which an individual recovers their self-esteem, identity, self-worth, dreams, pride, choice, dignity and a meaningful life.
  • How ASC Peer Support Enhances the Recovery Process: When a person experiences a potentially life threatening illness, who do they want to talk to? An expert in treating the illness and someone who has survived it.


Standards such as those mentioned above have helped us in providing a significant reduction in acute services for our clientele. In fact, since 1980 our clients have utilized less than one hospital day per person per year!

We hope this information is helpful, and would encourage you to contact us with any further questions.